Attorneys Services

Forensic and Litigation Support Services

More and more businesses and lawyers have come to realize the value of an expert forensic accountant. As an expert forensic, we have been used in civil litigation matters, corporate investigations, marriage dissolutions, and due diligence engagements.

Marriage Dissolutions

There are often allegations of inaccuracy and non-disclosure regarding his or her assets and earnings in divorce proceedings.

Our matrimonial litigation support services include:

  • Tracing of assets to determine the marital vs. non-marital components of the marital estate
  • Equitable distribution worksheets of marital estate
  • Child support guideline calculations
  • Alimony support calculations
  • Depositions, Trial support, and Trial preparation
  • Preparing and attending mediation and settlement conferences
  • Pre and Post divorce tax planning
  • Assist attorneys in financial aspects of Modifications and Post Judgment matters
  • Business Valuations

Expert Witness Testimony

Our Certified Public Accountants and credentialed business valuation professionals have provided testimony in a variety of circumstances including business disputes; economic damages; purchase or sales agreements; and matrimonial dissolutions.

Education, Experience, Professional Competence, and Reputation all contribute to our success in the courtroom.

Due Diligence

We assist attorneys in performing due diligence services for clients in a variety of circumstances. Our professionals verify the reliability and reasonableness of financial records and provide a value-added analysis in connection with business disputes, business purchases, and matrimonial matters.

Our professionals are also available to assist with case strategy and the development of deposition inquiries regarding financial records examined.

PAG professionals are fluent in English and Spanish.

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