Individual Services

Tax Services

Our professionals are pro-active in minimizing the amount of tax paid by our clients. We work with our clients throughout the year and focus on tax planning as part of your overall personal financial goals. Proper planning is key to successfully reducing your tax liability.

Tax Preparation

Tax rules are becoming more and more complex. Our professionals monitor tax law changes on a daily basis to ensure that you are not paying more than your fair share of taxes. Our investment in the latest tax preparation, planning, and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare your individual tax return. Our professionals will also review your prior year tax returns to make sure you have maximized and taken all deductions and tax credits you are entitled to.

Tax Consulting

We are available to provide in-depth tax consulting to individuals and families based on your financial needs. Our goal is to maximize your current year deductions and tax credits and as well as identify future opportunities available to you.

IRS Representation

We have over 25 years of professional tax experience dealing with Federal and State taxing authorities. Our level of experience and competence ensures that our clients are being properly represented.

We also assist clients throughout the year in properly documenting transactions and keeping appropriate tax records to allow them to be in the best possible position in case of a potential IRS audit.

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